About Ormus and Our Mission

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Our Master Australian Alchemist has traveled the world studying and applying the centuries old alchemist techniques to produce this refined Ormus product. This endeavour has brought to Australia a greater understanding of Alchemy, from ancient cultures known to have practiced alchemy such as the Sumerians, Egyptions, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, early Asian races, Arabians, Grecians and Romans.

The Egyptians considered alchemy a master science, which they believed was revealed to them through their God, Thoth. The Greeks called this God, Trismegistus and cultivated alchemy as a Hermatic Art. The goal of alchemy is to transform the base element into the pure. It can be considered to be the transmutation of matter into spirit and beyond.

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Alchemists have searched the world and sought the philosphers stone and the elixir of life, which were thought to impart a higher spiritual consciousness and bring eternal life. Perceiving and realizing this higher order of reality was the work of the alchemists, the Magnus Opus, the great realization.

We have continued with this work and refined the processes with modern chemistry apparatus and techniques to maximise the element compounds and increase purity and potency of the Ormus.

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We transmute matter of the noble metals and platinum group elements into their free state where they can be used to build up the immortal light body to achieve spiritual and physical perfection. This exalted material is called Ormus and when digested increases spiritual perception and physical abilities, the balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain creating a higher perception of reality and interconnection.

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Matter is light whose frequency has been slowed down and is light of a higher density, that has become solid. Quantum physics tells us that matter has particle-like and wave-like properties, and that the subatomic particles that make up matter, namely protons, neutrons and electrons are pure energy.

Light also can be a wave or stream of particles called photons, which are packets of pure energy in which the amount of energy is directly proportional to the frequency of the light.

So when we create this Ormus, we are creating a substance that will build up your light body into a strong immortal body.

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